Team Matchbox

Matchbox Cineclub have delivered several editions of the Weird Weekend, Cage-a-rama and KeanuCon film festivals and countless standalone screenings and film-related events, throughout the UK and internationally. Most recently, they co-ordinated and produced a UK screening + discussion tour in support of the updated anniversary edition of Kier-La Janisse’s House of Psychotic Women and rediscovered and restored Fredric Hobbs’ Troika, thought lost for 50 years.

Matchbox Cinesub have created access materials for over 2,000 films, for film-makers, distributors and exhibitors. They won a National Lottery Arts Culture & Film Award in 2020 for efforts in making film accessible to Deaf and Hard-of-hearing audiences. They were shortlisted at the 2022 Big Screen Awards in the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative category and were named one Big Issue’s Changemakers 2023.

To request a rate card, quote or to make a general enquiry regarding access materials, please e-mail:

Photograph of bespectacled, bearded white man with (some) brown hair, sat in front of a laptop, but speaking animatedly to someone out of frame.

Sean Welsh | Programmer/Subtitler (he/him)
Sean Welsh, founder/director of Matchbox Cine, is a film programmer, event producer and access practitioner specialising in film exhibition, with 13 years’ experience screening films and making films accessible. Outside of Matchbox, Sean spent 10 years as a subtitler and production manager at Red Bee Media, and later two years as Subtitle Manager at MUBI, where he produced descriptive subtitles for their theatrical releases and tended subtitles for


Photograph of smiling, bespectacled white woman wearing a Snake Eyes baseball cap and showing off a Vampire's Kiss t-shirt

Megan Mitchell | Producer (she/her)
As producer of Matchbox Cine, Megan has delivered several editions of the Cage-a-rama, KeanuCon and Weird Weekend film festivals as well as countless standalone events. Working in independent film exhibition in Scotland and across the UK for over ten years, Megan has delivered industry-focused sessions on access, including ticket pricing, descriptive subtitling and young audiences for a range of organisations, including the Independent Cinema Office, Film Hub Scotland, Film Hub South West, the British Council and the British Film Institute. Megan has consistently championed working class youth engagement in the film industry throughout her work and continues to promote increased equality and access through Matchbox events and projects, including sliding scale ticket pricing and descriptive subtitling for Deaf audiences. Megan received her Master’s degree from the University of Glasgow, having completed a thesis on Valley Girl (1983).


Photograph of white man with closely cropped hair, wearing t-shirt and headphones, sat on a sofa, holding a wee dog (called Marge).

Calvin Halliday | Subtitler (he/him)
Calvin joined Matchbox Cinesub as a trainee subtitler in March, 2021. New to the field of access and inclusion in the film sector, he brings an affection for cinema, an empathetic ear and a keen eye for detail to his role. Since coming on board, Calvin’s creative flair for descriptive subtitles has now enhanced the experience of hundreds of films for a vast array of clients.

In addition to his work with Matchbox Cinesub, Calvin is co-founder and programmer of Pity Party Film Club, a Glasgow-based exhibitor with a focus on queer cinema and overlooked indie gems. He is also a graphic artist and musician.


Portrait of Charlie, a white person in their mid twenties with long wavy blonde hair. They're smiling at the camera, and are wearing a tan suit jacket. The background is a cafe.

Charlie Little | Access Consultant (she/they)
Charlie Little is an access consultant with expertise in inclusion and access for Disabled and Deaf audiences in film exhibition. Charlie is hard of hearing and visually impaired, and brings their lived experiences as a disabled moviegoer to their professional work as a consultant. She specialises in advising on venue access, accessible social media, accessible screenings, disability awareness, and outreach. Among many others, Charlie has worked with Reclaim The Frame, Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sundance London, SQIFF, BFI Inclusion, Bohemia Media, Film Access Scotland, Film Hub Scotland and Havana Glasgow Film Festival.

Charlie has programmed for cinemas and festivals such as Edinburgh Filmhouse and BFI’s Busting The Bias, and their writing on disability in cinema has been featured in Little White Lies, Girls On Tops, Slate and The Skinny.